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“…having to predict human stupidity worries me. Idiots can be very clever.”

Overheard in a comments on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef1jPbezKDM

2021/12/24 10:08 · skys

Read in a comment under an article in the paper today:

“It's amazing how those which accuse the current government of a 'communist' (please educate yourselves on the meaning) stance seem to support the dictatorship of corporations.”

Possibly reusable…

2021/12/21 22:49 · skys

“Fishing is a bit like smoking dope; people who do it think it’s great, but thinking people know better”

Src: https://www.odt.co.nz/rural-life/rural-life-other/water-battle-won-%E2%80%98sour-taste%E2%80%99-remains

2021/12/19 07:54 · skys
2021/12/12 20:41 · skys

On the hidden cost of lost opportunity that NZ Govt Procurement is…

We are strongly incentivised to Buy products rather than Develop products because they have the data to prove that government agencies are terrible at defining what they want, therefore getting terrible results when they ask for custom products.

Of course, we do everything by the book, to look impartial – but we end up needing knowledgeable consultants to help us through procurement.

Funny enough…even after the consultants have left the room, the die is often cast. And it's lopsided. The outcome is… a Product…from a small set of product options.

What you can bet your bottom dollar on is that what's no longer on the table is: Customisation. It just gets talked/priced/risked out.

So…yup. A product is bought. Sounds safe. Sounds price certain. Sounds supported. Sounds deliverable.


The saga is only beginning.

Not only did 80% of the budget just leave the county. It's an American or Australian product after all.

Not only is a subscription – so the money will be leaving the company for the next decade.

But Invariably we're not done. By a long mile. There's a chunk of time required to 'bed' in the project. I.e.: it's not Custom Development (phew! everybody says) – but [downplayed/unplanned] Configuration.

Not to mention that it's a fact of large organisations that systems have to be integrated, so there's ALSO [+invariably unplanned] Customisation anyway. That adds a whopping chunk to the cost. It's also done by local organisations, who sometimes offsource the development overseas.

So, in effect, 90% of the cost is leaving the country. To get a result that is so far from what it could have been, if done custom for the target.

PS: What especially bugs me is how a)well oiled the procurement machine and b) everybody is tacitly complicit in driving towards practically forgone outcomes – even when the Product+[Unplanned]Configuration+[invariably requiered]Customisation >= CustomisationFromTheStart, even though it ALWAYS causes key outcomes to be dropped.

2021/12/07 19:01 · skys

Then the team doesn't have anybody with vision…

2020/12/24 20:42 · skys

My expectations of myself this coming year:

  • Actively Contribute to
    1. communicating and re-establishing an understanding of the purpose of curricula, which is to
      1. developing the character and skills of the countries individuals to become:
        1. individual in creativity
        2. collaborative in effort
        3. collective in sense of justice
      2. in order to achieving well-being by
        1. valueless to valued (characterwise).
        2. self-esteeming themselves first,
        3. while gaining social esteem but relying on it only as a check-sum of their own self-assessment,
        4. progressing at their achievable pace along the continuum of:
          1. selfish to selfless,
          2. unskilled to skilled,
          3. helpless to helpful
    2. to collectively improve the socioeconomic valuation of the country, which at its essence is the balance of its creativity versus its consumption of resources.


2020/11/03 22:46 · skys

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