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“You don’t see it but it exists; it is made of air and spirit,” he said in a video showcasing the piece.

“It is a work that asks you to activate the power of the imagination, a power that anyone has, even those who don’t believe they have it.”

2021/06/05 03:42 · skys

« And this gray spirit yearning in desire To follow knowledge like a sinking star, Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

Src: http://www.mit.edu/~kcr/poetry/tennyson_ulysses.html

2021/05/26 12:08 · skys

« This is a classic case of a Fixed Mindset. Carol Dweck’s brilliant book ‘Mindset’ talks about how some people have a Fixed Mindset and other people have a Growth Mindset. The Fixed Mindset is when you want to maintain an image of yourself in others’ perception. You worry about who you are. Any attribute is a part of your permanent identity. The Growth Mindset is when you don’t think your every action reflects your immutable identity. You think about what you do, instead of who you are.

In case of a failure, the Fixed Mindset wants to hide it because it degrades his image. People with the Fixed Mindset will have a worse image of themselves as a result. The Growth Mindset will examine the failure to see what is to be learned from it. People with this mindset don’t think that the failure reflects anything about themselves, but rather is data to learn how to do things better.

It is quite obvious the Growth Mindset would lead to success. That is what Carol Dweck’s data revealed for school children.

Src: https://victorrotariu.com/2021/05/on-weakness/

2021/05/24 01:40 · skys

“The benefits of bottoming out the gut are clear; how the back door was excavated isn’t. Soft, squishy, bone-free holes aren’t exactly fixtures of the fossil record, making just about any anus-heritage theory tough to prove. One of the oldest hypotheses holds that the anus and the mouth originated from the same solo opening, which elongated, then caved in at the center and split itself in two. The newly formed anus then moseyed to the animal’s posterior. Claus Nielsen, a developmental biologist at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, is a fan of this theory. It’s both reasonably parsimonious and evolutionarily equitable: In this scenario, neither the mouth nor the anus technically arose first; they emerged as perfect developmental twins.”

ie. Explains why so much talk is just shit.

Src: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/05/evolution-butts/618915/

2021/05/20 23:57 · skys

“She disliked formality and bureaucracy, joking after the war that Britain had been on the winning side due to a shortage of paper.”

Src: https://www.damninteresting.com/how-miss-shillings-orifice-helped-win-the-war/

2021/05/20 00:34 · skys

House Building

Then the team doesn't have anybody with vision…

2020/12/24 20:42 · skys

My expectations of myself this coming year:

  • Actively Contribute to
    1. communicating and re-establishing an understanding of the purpose of curricula, which is to
      1. developing the character and skills of the countries individuals to become:
        1. individual in creativity
        2. collaborative in effort
        3. collective in sense of justice
      2. in order to achieving well-being by
        1. valueless to valued (characterwise).
        2. self-esteeming themselves first,
        3. while gaining social esteem but relying on it only as a check-sum of their own self-assessment,
        4. progressing at their achievable pace along the continuum of:
          1. selfish to selfless,
          2. unskilled to skilled,
          3. helpless to helpful
    2. to collectively improve the socioeconomic valuation of the country, which at its essence is the balance of its creativity versus its consumption of resources.


2020/11/03 22:46 · skys

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