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What I unfortunately am no longer amazed at is that NZ, as usual, has to show how “world class” it really is and put a spelling mistake in the only message of condolence they needed to get out this decade.

2022/09/08 19:28 · skys
  • MVP: missing valuable planning.
  • PoC: Pyromania of Cash.
  • Pilot: what we needed in this plane.
  • Tai Chi: Enterprise Agile.
2022/08/25 01:15 · skys

“Some call it a “necessary evil,” but if that’s the case let’s do all we can to make it unnecessary.”

Well said.


2022/08/19 22:38 · skys

So…working nigh jobs is a hazard. https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2021/04/27/nightshift-cancer/

But then again, for most of evolution, mammals (that includes us) lived during the night only. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nocturnal_bottleneck

So is it that by working the night shift, mammals got overweight, ran slower, got caught, and didn't live long enough (eaten) to get something worse (cancer)?

Interesting potential padadox …

2022/08/19 22:33 · skys

Every time I hear someone (orange and any other hue) talk about themselves being persecuted via a “witch hunt” I do think

“…so, yeah? What exactly is the issue? They are looking for a witch, yes…and your actions qualify as those of one… sooooo…“

(and go rummage around in the garage for a pitchfork).

2022/08/14 03:30 · skys

Then the team doesn't have anybody with vision…

2020/12/24 20:42 · skys

My expectations of myself this coming year:

  • Actively Contribute to
    1. communicating and re-establishing an understanding of the purpose of curricula, which is to
      1. developing the character and skills of the countries individuals to become:
        1. individual in creativity
        2. collaborative in effort
        3. collective in sense of justice
      2. in order to achieving well-being by
        1. valueless to valued (characterwise).
        2. self-esteeming themselves first,
        3. while gaining social esteem but relying on it only as a check-sum of their own self-assessment,
        4. progressing at their achievable pace along the continuum of:
          1. selfish to selfless,
          2. unskilled to skilled,
          3. helpless to helpful
    2. to collectively improve the socioeconomic valuation of the country, which at its essence is the balance of its creativity versus its consumption of resources.


2020/11/03 22:46 · skys

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