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Every time I hear someone (orange and any other hue) talk about themselves being persecuted via a “witch hunt” I do think

“…so, yeah? What exactly is the issue? They are looking for a witch, yes…and your actions qualify as those of one… sooooo…“

(and go rummage around in the garage for a pitchfork).

2022/08/14 03:30 · skys

An epoch ends…

2022/08/02 03:58 · skys

Great word :-)

2022/08/01 21:57 · skys

Maybe the difference is that Democrats think that to get to heaven they have to feel worthy of it by ensuring someone else's money is taken and used to give to someone in need. Whereas Republics think that to get to heaven they have to make enough money to pay someone to put in a good word about them.

2022/06/07 03:24 · skys

The crime of the 21st century is that it thought it would be different than all the previous 20 centuries.

It's a perfectly normal position to have – youth of every generation has always thought it was all going to be Different and Better. This time.

No more Four Horsemen this time around. No widespread death and pestilence. No famine. No war. No conquest, exoduses and/or cultural extermination.


  • Covid
  • Wheat shortages, inflation, interest rates,
  • Syria
  • Ukraine

Maybe the only difference is that this the current adults are the first generation that didn't ever actually grow up and re-put the baby back in the bathtub, look for historical as guidance to the future rather than chart a future on no foundations. Wisen up!

2022/03/15 19:51 · skys

Then the team doesn't have anybody with vision…

2020/12/24 20:42 · skys

My expectations of myself this coming year:

  • Actively Contribute to
    1. communicating and re-establishing an understanding of the purpose of curricula, which is to
      1. developing the character and skills of the countries individuals to become:
        1. individual in creativity
        2. collaborative in effort
        3. collective in sense of justice
      2. in order to achieving well-being by
        1. valueless to valued (characterwise).
        2. self-esteeming themselves first,
        3. while gaining social esteem but relying on it only as a check-sum of their own self-assessment,
        4. progressing at their achievable pace along the continuum of:
          1. selfish to selfless,
          2. unskilled to skilled,
          3. helpless to helpful
    2. to collectively improve the socioeconomic valuation of the country, which at its essence is the balance of its creativity versus its consumption of resources.


2020/11/03 22:46 · skys

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